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Delorean On The Block

uploaded: Fri, Jul 10, 2009 @ 2:08 AM
byPat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
FeaturingJ.Lang, Cue
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Was working on track for a fellow MC and came across Cue’s pella. I like the marriage. West coast beats and east coasts spits always blend well to me. I haven’t had the time to browse the tons of sample material here, which is why I’m using an original instrumental track. Its simple, but effective I think.

On a side note, I’m part of the beta testing group for a new DAW by a PROPer company (NDA rules apply) that is a remixters dream as far as time stretching goes. Incredibly simple and no artifacts at fairly extreme BPM shifts. No markers, no slicing and no wobbly audio!! This was my first useage of the stretch feature and I got it tightly synced in under a minute. Pretty cool I think.

"Delorean On The Block"
by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

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