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Way Out There

uploaded: Mon, Jul 13, 2020 @ 4:14 PM last modified: Mon, Jul 13, 2020 @ 4:15 PM  (add)
Featuringgrapes, _ghost, robwalkerpoet, Stefan Kartenberg, 7OOP3D, Kirkoid, Abstract Audio, Kara Square, Andrew Wainwright, CSoul, BOCrew, Makkross, Speck, earritation, Wired Ant, maplesnow, Doxent Zsigmond, Tom Ray, bradsucks, Snowflake, reiswerk, alexjc916, Analog By Nature, PorchCat, Martin Cee, spinningmerkaba, DJ Vadim, SackJo22, tacet, @nop, PresentlyLaura, J.Lang, DJ True T, DJ Laff, Radioontheshelf
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It began with Stefan Kartenberg’s “Animated strings.”

The way the guitar sounded in his recording was so alien and energetic, I immediately wanted to use it in a track, but couldn’t find a place for it. Then I found robwalkerpoet’s “Harp of the south park” and in it contained that one moment which seemed meant for “Animated strings.” After some experimenting with a loop taken from grapes’ “Ambient - CR,” I had a foundation for an experimental track which I wanted to go way out of the ordinary.

Kara Square’s vocals inspired the initial formation of the track and _ghost’s breakbeat from “Contemplations” moved it forward. After having been stuck several times, I decided to find a third weird sound to work with “Animated strings” and “Harp of the south park,” and needed to look no further than Speck’s sax stem from “Hanging On.” The rest of the track came together after that point.

The idea for a delayed coda was inspired by Mana Junkie’s remix of “Stay Calm” by SackJo22. Mine was a last minute sketch thrown together for fun, mainly to hear the combination of stabs from “Animated strings,” “Harp of the south park,” and “Hanging On” in action à la old skool.


The vocoded sample of Snowflake (“Hardcore”) was made with TAL Vocoder II Plugin by Patrick Kunz.

"Way Out There"
by Apoxode

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