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Horror Story

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Horror story
Vox : Manuel Mario Celeste

the words :

alone this dark night in the empty house
rain squalling, pallid moon

alone ……..but you are not alone
a thousand beady reptilian eyes watching you

run, just run and keep running,

rancid smoke burning your throat, formless fears assailing you

your failings, your crimes, your sin
you cut corners, you made others suffer,
you were stuck to the machine in a frenzy for hours on end,
your dull everyday aggression,
the violence in your heart
now it´s all coming back
chasing you through the darkness

pools of unknown, viscous liquids,
rodents scurrying,
dodgy planks give way beneath your feet,
scrambling to stop from falling deep,
hands bleeding, wind howling, cold sweat,
ripped clothes, lacerated limbs
you scream, you scream,
you struggle to tear yourself out,
to wrench yourself free from this nightmare
to wake up

to wake up
to a bedroom with electric light switches and curtains tastefully patterned
next to a bathroom with running water where you can wash your face

"Horror Story"
by martinsea

2017 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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