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... significant to me. nowadays i substitute my voice with ai (more beautiful) voices, so hearing my actual voice is also a surprise.
...ame is just gone... nowadays they say... ki, not brain, computer hai, my friend... the car is also running... maruti suzuki is makin
... software available nowadays allows us to shortcut the long tedious recording sessions where even gifted musicians struggle to get t
...ce to it in discos. nowadays this kind of music is more listened to by people who belong to the lgbtqts community. i fully support t
...t's a bop! (as kids nowadays say haha) i'm excited to hear more from you! and next time - if you need more stems, etc. do let me
...eachy (lots of that nowadays) -- but i was pleasantly surprised! i like your sense of humor, too. :) [up][/up][up][/up]
...nt. sad sad times nowadays. :-(
...le purchasing music nowadays buy for what reason?______________(fill in the blank). and btw...whom does your god say to vote 4? sorr
review of 'play by the rules' by 'zep hurme' love it! your mixes are nowadays so clear one could even hear silent-but-deadly there (if th...
review of 'lessig-wewalk' by 'papa_zulu' i love lessig's stuff. one of the few actual thinkers nowadays!
review of 'let go' by 'mwic' man, i'm so in the mood for stuff like this nowadays. polyrhythm makes the world go 'round.
...tering studios does nowadays for the genres you're moving within. i also suggest you compress every individual track to add some add
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