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...y anything at all". nowadays, a sentence that long would be beyond most of us. great sentiments, great voice. the computer age nowadays, when they did similar effects with analog things in the late 60s, while we have all the needed tools o
review of 'on fire' by 'st. paul' all your songs have such good sound quality nowadays. do you have new machinery in your studio? i can ...
...mself really unless nowadays one has alot of bread in the oven!..enjoyed the sounds! best of mr. briareus!![/i]
...c transport so much nowadays. also i must admit i'm a bit afraid of catching the swineflu in the subway... on the positive side, i'v
review of 'morning dream' by 'fourstones' pretty spectacular - definitely squeezing the most of the tools nowadays
review of '"lifes about choices!"' by 'chuck berglund' [i]my choice is to enjoy this track!.nowadays i find myself rethinking alot my cho...
...nt[/blue] its rare nowadays to hear just the guitar and vocals together, dig the chords, harmonics and style!....thanks!![/i]
...inds a working fast nowadays to keep up i now mine usually is, mellow tonight thou, im getting closer to my end, now thats really d
... what i tell people nowadays), but this is a good and fitting tribute. very nice how you incorporated that guitar into what would ha
...mulate their sounds nowadays but we seek their solace. great mix
...boy detected music. nowadays (even if it_s hard to believe) i am listening again to this kind of music. thanks for bringing back suc
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