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review of 'hej rozmaring (folk flutes)' by 'dangerous_objects' i'm a big fan of baroque and celtic music, and if nowadays i'm into explic...
review of 'chill hot' by 'weselyshon' wow, what i want. nowadays, groove music uploaded.
review of 'borderline (furious apathy mix)' by 'wellman' it seems to me that the "furious" mixes are very famous nowadays... dont u think...
...are are you using? nowadays all the sequencers let yo do a decent work if you know the basics. what software are you using to prod
...from middle ages to nowadays suburban. is that "rappin hood" blaming on the sheriff of nothingham? ;-)
review of 'dirty grimey (infected mix)' by 'yellowjacket_osx' what song isn't a little on the "r" side nowadays? this is a true work of a...
... become commonplace nowadays. [i]a great mix, keep 'em comin'.[/i] [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
...ith traditional and nowadays music well. magnificiant! problems: drums, it's horrible boring and you forgot to finish this mix
... corea (moog!) and nowadays (refine idm effects). great!!! that is lacking nowadays. what's the name of the lounge singer? nat escape the singing ape? cool bloody cool!
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