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... is politically and financially in the worst state its ever been in. very sobering times! your mix and words are a timely remi
...u probably lack the financial means to get your name in the u. s. charts. i don't really think about it, but i still have 5000 dolla
... beautiful model of financial wellbeing could fall down around us. i do not laugh any more at this notion. great imaginative w
... this is a time and financial consuming business. i reviewed her original under under a blanket of stars both are very nice..peace
review of 'financial district' by 'calyman' one more time "plaid" in it . please continue.
review of 'financial district' by 'speck' nice synthy groove.
...ooking directly for financial gain has, by freely sharing here, a much better chance of that happening than those who do not, becaus
review of 'badabing badaboom' by 'keytronic' a jam ? your are good in understatements :-) this is cool...
... "notes" into them (financial joke for all those too clever to play the stock market!} anyway there are plenty of good notes in t
...e and huge are understatements.
...le are terrified of financial ruin or ruinous illness? universal health care was not the ruin of our society. quite the contrary
...aking big memorable statements like the unique pell by the one & only c. burns. [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
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