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Reviews for "Come and Get Me"

permalink   Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 9:54 AM
Can you please upload a preview of the acapella as an mp3 for streaming. Thanks.
permalink   Haptic Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 4:21 PM
Quote: SackJo22Can you please upload a preview of the acapella as an mp3 for streaming. Thanks.

Whoops sorry! It should be there now I think. I’ll do them like that in future.
permalink   Fri, Apr 24, 2015 @ 3:04 PM
Thank you my friend this great vocals.
permalink   Sat, May 2, 2015 @ 4:14 PM
Very nice and intense :\ sad about animal’s nightmares tho
permalink   Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 3:23 AM
I wrote this response to your comment on YCSWIGY about vocalists not wanting to upload here and what do they get out of it but thought I would add it here.

Well I could write a 1000 words here about why people are fearful or reluctant to be part of this site but I will reply in a way that maybe you could show them this.

So I do not know who you are or what you have done but since working with your voice I have played not only the mixes I have done to a lot of people personally, but also been to your Soundcloud page, You Tube site and been to your website, something I would never have done if you were not on here.

Ultimately what you have gained from me is my Respect.

Respect for sharing your work in a way that gives me the ability to enjoy working creatively with it, without question, and so I thank you.
Respect as a co musician in your choice to bravely upload a raw vocal acapella and face public criticism either way, over the sound you make which is most personal to you.
Respect for being fearless in a world where everyone will try to rip you off and yet still not fear the `available for download’ button.
Respect for being an individual who whilst maybe not looking directly for financial gain has, by freely sharing here, a much better chance of that happening than those who do not, because now you have me and so many others who are the self appointed agents of all of your work.
Respect for knowing that the creative process is one of exploration, not single mindedness and that the collective minds and avenues of a site like CC Mixter opens insight and unknown pathways to your own musical progression and that development and that progression is not open to those who only ask why you would want to be a part of it.
Respect simply because you have the vision to at least try instead of just question.
And Respect for you in knowing that the songs you have shared are not the total limit or boundary of your creativity and should the worst happen and someone profit illegally from them, that you have the capacity, brain power and talent to just go write another, knowing confidently that in their cowardly theft, they will never be able to do so and that is your power.

The bottom line is there are thousands of singers I have never heard of , never will and so not interested in them.

But thanks to you and CC Mixter I have heard you and I am interested. Respect
permalink   panu Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 4:05 AM
word… . !
permalink   Haptic Mon, Jun 22, 2015 @ 10:13 PM

And thank you for such kind words Loveshadow. There is alot to think on here, but you may have just handed me a proto guidebook for introducing new singers.

Rereading this its like your reading my mind actually in some places haha. This community really is a world view in some ways to me.