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Are You Ready?
by texasradiofish
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Sun, Aug 12, 2018 @ 3:34 AM

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permalink   Sun, Aug 12, 2018 @ 4:43 AM
Be ready for some high quality full-on funk. Nicely done.
permalink   Sun, Aug 12, 2018 @ 10:25 AM
Groovy baby! Thanks so much for including me in your funkilicious fun! It’s a pleasure to be part of the TRF party!
permalink   texasradiofish Sun, Aug 12, 2018 @ 5:10 PM
Groovy, Susan

Happy to find this pell.

Since uploading, adjusted one of the repeating funk bass riffs to reduce stress on your voice stack. Lost a little drive but the music seems a mo’ better groove.

Your voice stack is a killer. It kicked my ass figuring out how to funkify this pell.
permalink   texasradiofish Sun, Sep 16, 2018 @ 11:57 PM
After we got an ed pick on this one, gave it another listen then made some more adjustments.
(1) Separated your voices by panning vox 5 a little left and vox 3 & 4 different amounts to the right. Removed bass boost on vox 5. Sounds more like stage positioning with space between your voices.
(2) For the Turning Into Normal section that’s repeat three times, mo’ better aligned the beat with the beat grid and brought out the bass and kick.
permalink   Mon, Aug 13, 2018 @ 2:30 PM
yeah, very good !
permalink   Mon, Jan 7, 2019 @ 7:02 AM