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generation capote
by gaby100l
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Thu, Apr 7, 2011 @ 9:18 AM
permalink   Sat, Apr 9, 2011 @ 5:11 AM
I have too little French to follow the slam, but I think this is a good track to remix. Unlike some live recordings, the sound quality is pretty good and it is very easy for the remixer to work with this sample.
permalink   gaby100l Sat, Apr 9, 2011 @ 5:36 AM
I’m from the hood generation
(July 7, 2010)

I am of the generation
Educated at exit cover
Unpacking and packing were
our preliminary
Sex Education by
Takes a condom pal
if you do not want your evening
A great condom
Without him, remember, STDs
are hyperactive

I am the generation
educated out cover
summer and winter
Teenager, my mother left us for
condoms in the fridge
Between butter and salted
apricot jam
At each of my trips with
my potos
It was entitled to the lesson
Get out and covered the young
Keep a cool head
If she knew, if she knew
in my head it burns with lust
And popol him, will cool
in his bag for isothermal

My condom was my
goes everywhere
My accomplice of the most intimate
The first time he was there
The second time he was still
The third, the fourth he
was not
The fifth time it was not
I remember it because
I have not done that day

Inseparable from he and I
Like Laurel and Hardy, Eric
and Ramzy
Glued to each other as
He is the great and the little me

I am of the generation
Educated at exit cover
Summer or Winter
Because sex rhymes with STDs
I’ve never learned to
take my foot
When a girl was
Naked before me like
in porn movies
AC bubbling in my head
popol pointing on sunshine
The first thought of my
two brains was …
How to get it ….
Dressed, naked, on the sly
How to …
I still have this hood
forgotten in my jacket
Or my friends smoke

For two seconds
The idea crossed my mind
Chick without a condom
No fuss I rush
Unless you already Alphonse
repacking the gear
great moment of loneliness
more beautiful became the
I am of the generation
Educated at exit cover
Summer or Winter
Because sex rhymes with STDs
especially herpes
HIV HIV, has nabbed the
buttons misplaced
No vendor but at least you
You’ll progress at distributor
and that at any hour

15 years yes 15 years I have
Three things to
at Troy and elsewhere
15 years yes 15 years that I
‘m faithful
Even when I changed

Be it love my hood
With the girls that Durex
Manix dirty, I know it sucks
I was young, thin STAR’TEX
latex unilatex
I could be soft or more
With me, it’s make love
possible yes
I have a new bultex
I was single, guarded hunting
as copyright
But just for the night
I’m from the hood generation
And the girl I love
Gives me the choice, it is
or her
I have to choose today
Mrs awoke this
With a crazy idea, she wants
a kid
Love is not without condom
a trivial
I love it but deal with this
Tomorrow, without him I would not
permalink   Sun, Apr 10, 2011 @ 1:45 PM
welcome the comdom generation ;-)
Gaby bienvenue a ccmixter ;-)
que les artistes manix en coeur de slam !!!