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Mon, Mar 8 11:46 AM vo1k1 review of That Doomed Plumed Serpent by septahelix
2nd Apoxode on this, "Thoroughly immersive soundscape!" Really deep atmosphere ...
Fri, Jan 29 2:12 PM vo1k1 review of Manhowler by 7OOP3D
Love this. Inspiring.
Sun, Jul 8 5:14 PM vo1k1 review of The Politics of Hate by Loveshadow
This is an intense listen, Loveshadow (that is a compliment). I wish I could mag...
Sun, Jul 8 5:08 PM vo1k1 review of We Are The Spirit by Loveshadow
Such overall gorgeousness. Love how you used and transformed all those samples. ...
Sun, Jul 8 4:41 PM vo1k1 review of up by Vidian
Very much like this - gorgeous, sensitive, and relatively minimal (in the best w...
Sun, Jul 8 4:30 PM vo1k1 review of Moonlight Sonata (Shifting Sun Mix) by Speck
After awhile I found myself listening to this in a background-ish way and was ab...
Sun, Jul 8 4:24 PM vo1k1 review of 10 Years by Stefan Kartenberg
What a pleasure! The vocals and whole production are such a fantastic summer-ish...
Sun, Mar 11 1:12 PM vo1k1 review of All the Lines by Admiral Bob
This is as gorgeous as the source. Love the poetry of the lyrics. Wonderful.
Sun, Mar 11 1:10 PM vo1k1 review of 3 Acoustic Guitars (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Have to second the gorgeousness of this.
Sun, Mar 11 9:53 AM vo1k1 review of Debbizo - I Am Music (The New Earth Mix) with Airtone by Mana Junkie
Liking this very much.
Sun, Mar 11 7:49 AM vo1k1 review of days go on forever by urmymuse
Riotous fun! What a blast to listen to :)
Fri, Feb 23 8:28 PM vo1k1 review of INSOMANIAC by RizKeyG
Hugely fun to listen to.
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