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Reviews left by SLLID

Fri, Mar 18 11:55 PM SLLID review of scurydhat by Sohaclara
I love this. very delicate sounds & groove.
Mon, Mar 7 3:33 AM SLLID review of DORKO by curious
It is pleasant as float on water. really comfortable. This track makes me happy...
Sun, Mar 6 11:17 PM SLLID review of Fifty Toy Whucha by Weird Polymer
I'm really happy you used my sample. I like your Mandola part. :) Thanks.
Fri, Mar 4 5:46 PM SLLID review of Funky Dunky (FuDu Edition) by teru
This track make me want to create more remix.70's Funk is a one of my favorit...
Fri, Mar 4 11:36 AM SLLID review of freemix-simplemix by Cezary Ostrowski
Arigato & Omedeto (=Thanks & Congrats) :)
Fri, Mar 4 11:32 AM SLLID review of Revolve by cinematrik
Perfect production :)
Fri, Mar 4 12:53 AM SLLID review of Samurai Story by shockshadow
Though it is likely to know...... HERO is a story of "China".Samurai...
Wed, Mar 2 4:11 AM SLLID review of sucuri by Fujimo
A free spirit is here. I'll make something like a glitch ambient from tracks ...
Tue, Mar 1 12:41 AM SLLID review of Brilliant Day dark remix by shockshadow
I like your quiet ambient mood, and your tracks have a really large scale.Your s...
Fri, Feb 25 9:26 PM SLLID review of No meaning No (DUSTRED REMIX) by DustRed
This is the great production, and has really funky groove.I love this groove.Th...
Tue, Feb 22 1:53 PM SLLID review of Tupelo by Minus Kelvin
very cool ! if i could listen more dense version, it's very glad :)
Mon, Feb 14 12:29 AM SLLID review of "NonoNO" - 00afro SpeirChuka Mix by 00afro
yes, very fresh & happy remix ! very unique.
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