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Reviews left by sheever

Sat, Jan 17 3:45 PM sheever review of BROKEN the Urban Street Mix by J.Lang
good ideas here too Mr Lang. U should keep the high frequencys on the vocal tho...
Sun, Jan 11 5:38 AM sheever review of Rain Falls Soft Acappella by reblaw27
great stuff both Get the AKG D3700s mic.very cheap dinamic microphone but ver...
Fri, Dec 12 2:32 PM sheever review of Falling To Pieces (reblaw27 remix) by reblaw27
You born for singing! Keep on!
Tue, Dec 9 1:41 PM sheever review of Goodbye December (Hester Prynne Mix) by Kaer Trouz
good job
Sat, Dec 6 5:57 PM sheever review of April, Saturday, 2am by Scott Altham
great, I just still smoking with the cofee..i cant imagine how is that work with...
Sat, Dec 6 2:02 AM sheever review of Sooner or Later by OwlRat_Music_Company
great work mate. I am a big fan of Conjure One and Delerium since 94.I always w...
Thu, Dec 4 2:48 AM sheever review of Ground's on Fire by OwlRat_Music_Company
good stuff
Wed, Dec 3 2:52 AM sheever review of Mental Images by Kirkoid
awesome piace rocks! remind me to Primal Scream:)
Mon, Dec 1 4:56 PM sheever review of Broken (Martin Preston Mix) by Martin Preston
my guess this pitching are Elastic audio by PT. orso NI reaktor have great pitc...
Mon, Dec 1 2:33 PM sheever review of SHOULDN'T HAVE TEASED ME by Kruzzial
agreed!good job mate
Sun, Nov 30 3:48 PM sheever review of Feipa by error404
crazy and good as allways:)
Thu, Nov 27 5:50 AM sheever review of Making Me Nervous_The Furious Remix by wellman
good stuff!
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