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Reviews left by salvatore_j

Fri, Jan 10 12:35 AM salvatore_j review of All Fall Down by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow,,, this is HOT!!!! Vox timing is good and can see the overall time complexi...
Wed, Dec 25 6:21 PM salvatore_j review of Oh Holy Night by Snowflake
Made me choke-up tearing so beautifully sung... Erasing Christs ideology is w...
Wed, Dec 25 3:13 PM salvatore_j review of SuperCaliWinter by Loveshadow
LS, My God..... You are what separates the men from the boys, always just getti...
Wed, Dec 25 2:56 PM salvatore_j review of California Winter - Snowflake & Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Great Job, love it!!!
Tue, Dec 17 7:32 AM salvatore_j review of Up by TheDICE
My Friend, this is AWESOME. Truly impressed over the control in the mix and l...
Tue, Dec 17 4:25 AM salvatore_j review of Not So Happy Holidays - Vocals by Kara Square
We must be related,,,,lol... LOVE THIS!!!
Tue, Dec 17 4:11 AM salvatore_j review of Lullaby by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Dec 17 4:09 AM salvatore_j review of 2013/C by unreal_dm
Awesomely Gorgeous. S.
Sun, Nov 24 6:39 PM salvatore_j review of Just Beginning (cdk Mix) by cdk
SUPER FAT or is it PHAT,,lol.... great work!!!!
Sun, Nov 24 8:54 AM salvatore_j review of This feels like nothing by CSoul
Hey Brother, Great seamless work that's not easy!!.
Thu, Sep 26 11:32 PM salvatore_j review of Elements by Platinum Butterfly
Super crisp-n-clean...
Thu, Sep 26 3:10 AM salvatore_j review of Just Beginning by Snowflake
Hi Snowflake TRULY,TRULY AMAZING !!!!. Piano was recorded on the money !!!!....
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