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Reviews left by robwalkerpoet

Thu, May 30 9:51 PM robwalkerpoet review of Come Back 2 Me by Zep Hurme
Yep. Jaco Pastorius. I had the same thought texasradiofish!
Thu, May 30 9:49 PM robwalkerpoet review of Victoria by Admiral Bob
Beautiful. Thankyou.
Thu, May 30 6:47 AM robwalkerpoet review of Modest Gramz PhD (Piano Improvisation) by Doxent Zsigmond
This is just beautiful Doxent. Your work is absolutely unique...
Tue, Jan 22 6:54 PM robwalkerpoet review of Venus and the Moon - A spoken poetry piece ft Rob Walker) by Ivan Chew
Thanks Ivan. A perfect musical interpretation of the words. (I heard this last y...
Mon, Nov 19 6:05 PM robwalkerpoet review of R37OOP3D by septahelix
These grooves all belong together!
Mon, Nov 19 6:04 PM robwalkerpoet review of Gotta Break Free (Setting 3 Mix) by duckett
Definitely sweet!
Mon, Nov 19 6:03 PM robwalkerpoet review of Anxiety Zoo by spinningmerkaba
Such a creative morphing of two of my long-time ccmixter favorites! We can hear ...
Mon, Nov 19 5:58 PM robwalkerpoet review of Sacred Light by Aussens@iter
Beautiful Tobias - and such a contrast to the shredding work which has made you ...
Mon, Nov 19 5:56 PM robwalkerpoet review of Burn it all down by Admiral Bob
Admiral Bob to the rescue... ccmixter's own Superhero. And so much more professi...
Sun, Nov 18 12:47 PM robwalkerpoet review of Up in Flames by Kara Square
This is possibly the only time that you'll hear words by rob walker and William ...
Sun, Nov 18 6:34 AM robwalkerpoet review of A Series of Smooth and Orderly Transitions by gurdonark
There is always something beautiful - yet disquieting - about your work Gurdonar...
Sun, Nov 18 5:09 AM robwalkerpoet review of fuzionmusik by panu
Brilliant editing/production Panu. Tobias outdoes himself!
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