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Sun, Nov 15 3:13 AM robwalkerpoet review of War and Art and Love by debbizo
Welcome back! It's really nice to hear a Panu/Deb/Ash collaboration. Nice, clean...
Sun, Nov 8 3:38 AM robwalkerpoet review of Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy by Mirek Kuzniar
That piano loop is as relentless as the shockwaves Mirek...
Sat, Oct 31 6:01 AM robwalkerpoet review of Tapering by Briareus
Thanks Briareus. The edginess of the guitar matches the mood beautifully.
Wed, Aug 5 1:58 AM robwalkerpoet review of Jazz Walker by Stefan Kartenberg
Hey! Thanks for using the old pell, Stefan. Haven't heard it for ages... Very fu...
Mon, May 4 3:18 PM robwalkerpoet review of Only Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Love the way you've overlapped the voices, Stefan!
Sat, Mar 28 11:00 AM robwalkerpoet review of He Lives in the Moment - VOCALS by Kara Square
Powerful stuff, Kara. I was struck by the strong parallels of this with the poem...
Sat, Feb 28 8:29 PM robwalkerpoet review of Hotel Room by Mirek Kuzniar
Very atmospheric Mirek!
Sat, Feb 28 10:19 AM robwalkerpoet review of The Impressionists by Mirek Kuzniar
Wow. I would never have selected this raw guitar work to accompany these words -...
Sun, Feb 15 11:08 AM robwalkerpoet review of Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500) by Speck
Unique. Congratulations on the 500!
Fri, Jan 16 10:21 AM robwalkerpoet review of O Tannenbop by Speck
You put a smile on this face.
Sun, Dec 21 1:49 PM robwalkerpoet review of Nor Egrets by Pitx
It's great! Apply as much surgery as u like - I put up stuff to be cut up & rear...
Thu, Dec 18 9:53 PM robwalkerpoet review of Rob Walker Poet - Termites - willdeop mix by willdeop
Forget "Ant Music." This is Termite Music. Extremely cool, willdeop. I love how ...
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