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Reviews left by robwalkerpoet

Thu, Mar 2 9:55 PM robwalkerpoet review of What Is This Love Of by Speck
Absurd music for an absurd world.
Thu, Feb 9 4:13 PM robwalkerpoet review of 611 Main North Road (with debbizo) by Mana Junkie
Great work Mana & Deb! Don't know how it took almost two years to hear this!
Wed, Feb 8 10:56 AM robwalkerpoet review of Probably Shouldn't by Stefan Kartenberg
Probably should!
Sat, Jan 28 4:00 PM robwalkerpoet review of Blind Love Dub by Jeris
Man this is good! Almost a tango...
Sat, Jan 28 6:43 AM robwalkerpoet review of Honey Cat A Combs by Mirek Kuzniar
This is excellent Mirek - don't know how I ever missed it!
Sat, Jan 28 6:34 AM robwalkerpoet review of vocabulary of the beach (undiscovered) by Siobhan Dakay
Oops! Just realized I never thanked you for this one - it's great!
Sat, Jan 28 6:17 AM robwalkerpoet review of as it fades by martinsea
Works well Martin. Haunting, both musically and lyricly I think.
Sat, Jan 28 6:14 AM robwalkerpoet review of Termites remix by martinsea
Hi Martin! I like this. Sorry I must have missed it at the time.
Sat, Jan 28 5:57 AM robwalkerpoet review of Tethered ...a meditation on shore whilst overlooking the sea by essesq
Hey essesq! Apparently I never said thanks for this. I really like it! (Better l...
Sat, Jan 28 5:10 AM robwalkerpoet review of A Safe Distance by Dan_Mantau
Very subtle & professional mix Dan!
Sat, Jan 28 5:08 AM robwalkerpoet review of Neighborhood Girl by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice work Stefan - and Steven!
Tue, Jan 24 9:34 AM robwalkerpoet review of Confected Outrage (with Rob Walker, Poet) by Mana Junkie
Hey - thanks! Great to see the work of Mana Junkie & robwalkerpoet wedded one mo...
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