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Reviews left by mullion

Sun, Oct 19 10:56 AM mullion review of The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History (third edition) by Speck
Great track! It inspires me to start on electronic music again after my little j...
Fri, Dec 25 5:05 AM mullion review of Adagio teru by rocavaco
You've made a great piece of music here. Congrats! It slightly reminds me of Mah...
Fri, Dec 25 4:08 AM mullion review of True Love by Briareus
Really great backing track. Minimalistic but yet atmospheric. Also the vocal t...
Thu, Jan 15 5:33 PM mullion review of Feline Conch Vomit (FreezeHound mix) by duckett
What a rich, warm and atmospheric piece :)
Thu, Jan 15 4:55 PM mullion review of Remixing is Okay (Lessig and Colbert on 45) by spinmeister
Excellent crafstmanship and a generous dose of creativity! Splendid!
Thu, Jan 15 4:36 PM mullion review of January by Carosone
How could I miss this! This mix is just fabulous! It's fabulous because, fir...
Tue, Jan 13 4:05 PM mullion review of My Dream of Flight by wellman
Even with a quite busy beat you've preserved a nice ambient feeling in the mix -...
Tue, Jan 13 3:47 PM mullion review of The Heart Of A Man by Loveshadow
Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece!
Tue, Jan 13 3:22 PM mullion review of LS vers. SOS by TheJoe
You've really done a great job here, Joe! I like the whole feeling of it, especi...
Mon, Jan 5 4:09 PM mullion review of Suitcase by Scott Altham
A real kickass mix and still so subtle! Thanks for sharing!
Sun, Jan 4 9:38 AM mullion review of Eve (single edit) by Subliminal
I normally regard a soundscapes quality from how it supports the context of a se...
Sat, Jan 3 12:38 AM mullion review of Not Like That by Scott Altham
Great job, again!
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