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Reviews left by mullion

Fri, Jan 2 11:32 PM mullion review of Yesterdays Love by Scott Altham
Very nice indeed. I cross my fingers that you some day pick it up to make an ext...
Fri, Jan 2 11:12 PM mullion review of theysay by cuyudread
This is cool!
Fri, Jan 2 11:05 PM mullion review of I Cry Foolish Tears by DoKashiteru
The way you build the track and the harmonization is superb. Congrats!
Fri, Jan 2 10:58 PM mullion review of We Say It All by DoKashiteru
My favourite track from calandargirl and I have a few takes of this on my hd but...
Fri, Jan 2 10:43 PM mullion review of I Fell Out of the Sky by DoKashiteru
A fantastic track from start to end. Especially do I like the bridge!
Fri, Jan 2 10:27 PM mullion review of Chemma Chi (Down Mix) by DoKashiteru
Quite minimalistic in it repetiveness, but still sounding huge due to numerous, ...
Fri, Jan 2 10:03 PM mullion review of So Official(ly Baroque Mix) by DoKashiteru
Great mix Love the baroque idea as it has a nice melody and that it adds a diffe...
Thu, Jan 1 4:33 PM mullion review of Web Surfing on the Lounge by ScOmBer
If you are having problems finding anything meaningfull on the web, pls try this...
Thu, Jan 1 4:09 PM mullion review of The Good News by radiotimes
What a great piece!
Tue, Dec 30 2:05 AM mullion review of Taste Me Mix by AT
Congrats! Good and consistent mix.
Tue, Dec 30 1:54 AM mullion review of Rendevous (on the beach at midnight) by ScOmBer
Only been listening through my laptop speakers, here I lay in my hotel bed in Am...
Tue, Oct 14 1:53 PM mullion review of Sooner or later Remix by AonghusOC
The musical ideas are good! I agree with DoKashiteru about the levels, but that'...
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