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Reviews left by karmickill

Thu, May 8 12:34 PM karmickill review of Remix Culture Addict by shagrugge
This is one of the most balanced and professional mixes I've heard on this site....
Thu, May 8 12:29 PM karmickill review of What Cha waitin 4 / BOCrew RMX by Bocrew
hell yes I agree with duckett, very unique beat.
Mon, Apr 14 4:38 PM karmickill review of The Ebow lies by Fireproof_Babies
That was an amazing addition if I've ever heard one. You just tied the song tog...
Mon, Apr 14 2:34 PM karmickill review of Chucks Auto Adrenalin Remix by SoundFlame
I like this mix a lot. The bass is amazing and everything fits together nicely....
Mon, Apr 14 2:15 PM karmickill review of tba by penston
This is a really unique remix. I tend to look at songs as if they were painting...
Thu, Apr 10 1:57 PM karmickill review of Making Me Nervous by REdshIrT
wow. I love the beats you have through the song, and the piano towards the end....
Thu, Apr 10 1:48 PM karmickill review of Get It On Mix by Lasswell
There are so many things I absolutely love about this mix. Great job!
Wed, Apr 2 6:32 PM karmickill review of I Don't Like It Here by duckett
I'm flattered that you remixed my pella. Good job btw :]
Wed, Apr 2 9:57 AM karmickill review of What Tha Funk You Gonna Do? by Da UBQ
You went with your gut extremely well :] Very funky
Wed, Apr 2 12:58 AM karmickill review of Handz In The Air (Vocoder Mix) by yellowjacket_osx
I agree, awesome vocoder. I dig the deep bass too. I'd like to hear this on a ...
Wed, Apr 2 12:55 AM karmickill review of Poppin' In Da Club by yellowjacket_osx
oh hell yes! This has a hard grimy electronic buzz to it.
Wed, Apr 2 12:30 AM karmickill review of Blue Skys by Tekno_Eddy
I love the breaks and bass in this. And the way you sliced the vox, outstanding...
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