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Fri, Dec 2 10:05 AM Hans Atom review of Breathe_in_breathe_out by Stefan Kartenberg
Skillfull, Mr Kartenberg! What a beatiful mix. So much feeling in it. Pella fits...
Fri, Dec 2 10:02 AM Hans Atom review of Another Lullaby by Briareus
Nice sound, love the way how guitar and synth go along together so smooth. Great...
Fri, Dec 2 10:00 AM Hans Atom review of Pollinators by Robbero
Love that!! Great sound for Karas voice. Would fit perfectly in a movie.
Fri, Dec 2 9:58 AM Hans Atom review of Raining on Venus by Darkroom
Great smooth club sound for having a cool drink! This is just excellent! So ...
Fri, Dec 2 9:56 AM Hans Atom review of Christmas Tree by texasradiofish
Love it Texas Radio Fish! Nice guitar work in a beautiful arrangement. Love the ...
Fri, Dec 2 9:52 AM Hans Atom review of The Bliss of Vertigo (Whirling Dervish Edition) by Zenboy1955
This is furious! And makes me hop hop hop hop hop! Love it, nice glitches!
Sat, Nov 19 2:38 PM Hans Atom review of Hanging Eleven by echo_orbit
This is so great on so many levels! I love this sound, what a great piece of mus...
Sat, Nov 19 2:35 PM Hans Atom review of Paris by Briareus
Great mix, beautiful sound. Love the synth patterns.
Sat, Nov 19 2:32 PM Hans Atom review of The creatures of the canal by Bluemillenium
Excellent mix, Bluemillenium! Deep and powerful and creepy. Love that sound so m...
Sat, Nov 19 2:29 PM Hans Atom review of A Motherless Child by Zenboy1955
Man, that is powerful! Great mix, Ed pick well deserved, I love it!
Sat, Nov 19 2:25 PM Hans Atom review of anxiety by Apoxode
Great sound! What a deep bass and that vocoder ist awesome. Because i love vocod...
Tue, Jul 12 8:57 AM Hans Atom review of Ethereal groove remix by Brylie Christopher Oxley
Fantastic track!
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