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Reviews left by Hans Atom

Thu, Jan 26 8:01 AM Hans Atom review of Dreaming Oceans by cube3
Excellent track! I like the hammering synth and the arps. Beautiful soundscape f...
Thu, Jan 26 7:59 AM Hans Atom review of Yard Song by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautiful track, Stefan and Robert!!!
Thu, Jan 12 10:02 AM Hans Atom review of While by unreal_dm
This is just a wonderful and timeless beauty!!!
Mon, Jan 9 2:17 AM Hans Atom review of Reach for The Stars by cube3
I love everything. And especially the arps very much. Beautiful, magic arpeggios...
Mon, Jan 9 2:14 AM Hans Atom review of Precious Times by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wow! That sounds nice, bass, piano and Mr Yeserday go together so very elegant. ...
Mon, Jan 9 2:06 AM Hans Atom review of Gifted (Extended Mix) by cube3
I love this mix a lot!!! Very nice synth additions. Especially nice, when the se...
Mon, Jan 2 10:23 AM Hans Atom review of Don't Yuck the Holiday Yum by texasradiofish
Great arrangement, love this a lot. Its just yum!
Mon, Jan 2 10:19 AM Hans Atom review of Transgenic(DR Mix) by Darkroom
Love the relaxing and melancholic chill of this mix. Its simlpy beautiful. Very ...
Mon, Jan 2 10:17 AM Hans Atom review of The Wisdom of the Shadows by cube3
Wow!!!! That is some epic and monumental soundscape. Its incredibly good. Just w...
Wed, Dec 7 5:04 AM Hans Atom review of Squeezette by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This is just so excellent! What a great bass player are you? Yeah, and maybe ...
Fri, Dec 2 10:09 AM Hans Atom review of sashliq-2022111-2_noSt by sash_liq
Wow! That bass goes deep! Beautiful soundscape, beautiful work of art!
Fri, Dec 2 10:06 AM Hans Atom review of OCEAN DREAM by Bocrew
I love the calm melancholy in this mix a lot!! Very well done, BOCrew!
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