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Reviews left by Hans Atom

Sun, Sep 30 7:55 AM Hans Atom review of No Time Like The Present by Alex
Great track, Alex! Beautiful sound!
Sun, Sep 30 7:53 AM Hans Atom review of NO ONE EVER WILL by Stefan Kartenberg
Yes! Great club music for 2 in the morning. And for any other time!!! Wonderful,...
Sun, Sep 30 7:51 AM Hans Atom review of Heart On Redial (2018) by Doxent Zsigmond
Another beauty. You seem to inspire each other Loveshadow and you. Both mixes ar...
Sun, Sep 30 7:48 AM Hans Atom review of Jazzy Sax, Guitar, and Organ at the club by Admiral Bob
Yes. Awesome! ThereĀ“s so much feel in this...
Sun, Sep 30 7:46 AM Hans Atom review of Redial. The 2018 LS Doxent Funk Collabrative. by Loveshadow
Geez, I love you smooth warm house sound and will always do. This is just excell...
Sun, Sep 30 7:43 AM Hans Atom review of Turn It Up and Get Down by texasradiofish
Excellent track. Great idea and use of the pella samples. Love the guitar work a...
Sun, Sep 30 7:41 AM Hans Atom review of A Whole New Helix by septahelix
Great mix! NIcely put together. Loved the moment when my rhythm guitar shined th...
Sun, Sep 30 7:38 AM Hans Atom review of Hangin' by Speck
Nice and lovely. Love that latin beat so much.
Sun, Sep 30 7:36 AM Hans Atom review of Flip The House (DnB Mix) by Mr. Pepino
Great, energetic piece of music! Wonderful!
Sun, Sep 30 7:35 AM Hans Atom review of Specktahelix by septahelix
Just great! And deep! And wide! An excellent use of the samples!
Sun, Sep 30 7:34 AM Hans Atom review of Scream and Shout by Radioontheshelf
Love this! Very well done, great idea, totally surprising! And some great rockn ...
Sun, Sep 30 7:32 AM Hans Atom review of Haze by Doxent Zsigmond
Smooth and cool and very well done! Great Track, Doxent!
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