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Scream and Shout

uploaded: Sun, Sep 30, 2018 @ 7:14 AM last modified: Tue, Oct 2, 2018 @ 10:24 AM  (add)
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The price of property in London is so high that it makes it almost impossible for youngsters to get onto the property ladder. The shame of it is that the city is full of empty buildings just bought as investments by foreigners who have no intention of living in them or even bothering to rent them out.

Its enough to make you scream and shout

I can hear you calling from a washed out morning
In a beat up coupe where the lights are warning
That the oil pressures low and the brakes need fixing
Its just another day where we’ve started mixing
All our thoughts and hopes and young ideas
With a cappachino coffee and an ice cold beer
In a cafe full of laptops with the air full of static
The smartest are performing its almost orgasmic

So here’s to you your my sweetest baby
If we can keep it going you could be my old lady
We’d raise two kids one could join the navy
Its a little cliched but not too heavy
And I will be your lover on a Saturday night
I’ll wear a little after shave and pants to tight
You will call me Mr wonderful and stroke my hair
Or at least the little bit that’s remaining there

Cause the futures bright full of goodness and promise
Sadies got a boyfriend and his name is Thomas
Hes a real cool dude with a tatoo on his forehead
He regrets it now cause its a drawing of Adonis
And he wants to be a lawyer its a job worth doing
And he says hes gonna do it but the tatoo needs removing
Just a little laser treatment and the scar won’t matter
He’ll say it was an accident with pancake batter

If we’re a little clever and our parents help out
We’ll buy a tiny flat on the outskirts of town
And fill it full of laughter til the money runs out
Then we can blame each other and scream and shout

So lets start dancing celebrate our youth
Nevermind the adults who say we’re uncouth
Press our bodies together in a serious way
And navigate the dancefloor till the floors ablaze
You with your twirling and my two left feet
We won’t worry about anything we’re so upbeat
In a minute or two we’ll be dancing in the street
Two young lovers being indescrete

"Scream and Shout"
by Radioontheshelf

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