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Sun, Feb 20 11:23 AM review of Fly Dream by teru
I dig. Quite a bit.
Sat, Feb 12 1:02 PM review of Thatswhatisaid! by Gerador Zero
The drums have a very nice EBN sound to them, you can almost picture a drummer b...
Fri, Feb 11 5:59 PM review of Bored on Your Backside by Trifonic
This is really tight. I _love_ this.
Wed, Feb 9 2:56 PM review of DANGEROUSE by ASHWAN
Nice funky bassline. I dig. Great use of vox samples.
Sat, Feb 5 12:53 PM review of InSpaRation by mmurray47
This might be cool if smooth jazz was cool. Apparently, if future boy has h...
Wed, Jan 26 7:47 PM review of No (SOL's Reversal Remix) by Sound of Light
I love it, the first string of vox samples is truly brilliant.
Mon, Jan 24 9:21 AM review of ecotati by FAUX
Love it, very nice progression, it has a ton of soul.
Mon, Jan 24 9:19 AM review of Action at a Relaxation Spa by shockshadow
Very nice. I like the way you used the vox samples and that one shot. Very clean...
Mon, Jan 24 9:13 AM review of fake sitting by bend, sinister
Stunning. This is beautiful. First class, all the way. Love the horns. This is o...
Mon, Jan 24 9:08 AM review of No Meaning No (Future Boy Bad Bach Mix) by Future Boy
Wow. It shows great skill and it's an interesting concept, but, it's a bit acade...
Mon, Jan 24 8:44 AM review of No Stars, No A&Rs' (Short Sweet Mix) by Dr. Colossus
I don't like the drums for the normal beat, the tweaked out stuff definitely se...
Mon, Jan 24 8:40 AM review of freemix-simplemix by Cezary Ostrowski
Very nice. Great use of a large array of vocal samples without wearing them out....
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