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Sat, Jan 23 7:49 PM review of Eracism by daniloprates
I love this! As the person who LONG ago uploaded the "What you're about to hear"...
Fri, May 19 8:31 PM review of Sussuarana Lo-Fi Adventures by LAVOURA ELETRO
I love this. I was trying to add it as an editor pick, I thought I had the right...
Tue, Mar 28 9:28 PM review of So Cruel - remix by teru
Quiet and mysterious conversational vocals make this stand apart from everything...
Fri, Sep 16 1:43 PM review of Sweet Life by ASHWAN
Wow, I can't believe I missed this. Very, very cool.
Thu, Jul 28 6:52 AM review of Sweet Substitute (hi fibre) by ASHWAN
Wow. This is radio ready. Great song guys. Pat has got to be one of the most tal...
Sat, Apr 2 11:16 AM review of Mr Soundman (ashwan RMX) by ASHWAN
How did I miss this? Wow. So nice.
Thu, Mar 31 11:40 AM review of My Reality is Changing by teru
I _love_ this. So cool.
Sun, Mar 27 1:12 PM review of Destinataion Disarm by teru
This is conversational mix bliss. It has a really nice little stumbling groove g...
Wed, Mar 23 12:16 PM review of Digital Data by ASHWAN
This is _so_ good. I can't get enough Curious. Really dig chattabox too, any mor...
Sat, Mar 19 11:16 PM review of Living Stereo(2005) by teru
I dig it. Excellent work man.
Thu, Mar 17 10:18 PM review of Funebre by guZ
Note to Ashwan: Please mix liberally with Curious. Bake well and release.
Wed, Mar 9 9:36 PM review of Revolution by ASHWAN
I really love this. I like your work more every time I listen to it. Keep this s...
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