Deep Roots Remix Event

Reviews left by Falik

Thu, Apr 17 12:58 AM Falik review of dysFunk by duncan_beattie
I wish I could do this with my own stuff. Falik says "rock it."
Thu, Apr 17 12:54 AM Falik review of WuttaGottaDu (hipslide mix) by duckett
Falik says "YEAH!"
Thu, Apr 17 12:48 AM Falik review of Yearning by duckett
Funny how an Irish bouzouki can capture a Mid East feel, ain't it? Thnx for usi...
Thu, Apr 17 12:45 AM Falik review of Eastern Reflections by vanpickup
Thanks for using the samples! BTW, that's an Irish bouzouki you're hearing.
Mon, Feb 13 9:34 AM Falik review of Bravelove (MIDInight mash mix) by shagrugge
That's some crazy stuff! Like it a lot!
Tue, Oct 11 3:28 AM Falik review of All I Need is a Rhyme Zook by thelaw
Absolutely brilliant. Wow.
Wed, Jul 6 12:21 PM Falik review of Cuckoo Goes East by SoLaRiS
Yeeeeoooowwwwwww!!!!!!!! Hot diggity!!!! Uber cool!!!!
Thu, Jun 23 10:35 AM Falik review of The Cuckoo/ Below (KryptX FaliK RemiX) by kryptx
Absolutely fantastic. I love it, and not for just the obvious reasons! I like ...
Tue, May 3 4:02 AM Falik review of Velvet Sun by teru
Yeah, really puts my head in a space. Excellent job.
Mon, Apr 18 3:57 AM Falik review of Remain - teru's mix by teru
I have been sufficiently chilled for the day. Thank you.
Fri, Apr 8 4:06 AM Falik review of Little Shiva by The fog society
This is *very* cool. Sounds like something I would do if I had the skills!