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Reviews left by ejc

Sat, Apr 4 10:40 AM ejc review of Little black Dress feat. Scomber by reiswerk
Now this is so much fun! I love the feisty tone of the piece and thank you for i...
Thu, Feb 14 3:04 PM ejc review of CDK strolls through a darkened forest and little did he know the angels befell him by Joel Frijters
Earthbound(excerpt) No one told me there was a land where the void began. I le...
Wed, Dec 26 7:52 PM ejc review of Winterberries and music by Beluga Ten
Thank you, this is a lovely collaboration. ejc
Sun, Dec 16 6:40 AM ejc review of Lay Your Body Next to Mine by texasradiofish
A superb mix, every aspect is melded together with such sensitivity, thank you!
Fri, Nov 30 3:09 PM ejc review of Winter Glow by Snowflake
The piano enters like the sound snowflakes make as they land upon the ice at the...
Fri, Nov 30 2:56 PM ejc review of The Cuervo River by unreal_dm
I listened to this without music, Panu. Your naked vocals are such a stark portr...
Sun, Jun 17 8:11 PM ejc review of things you do for love by AIR_LOMEG
Superb body of work that coalesces into a unified whole much greater that its ma...
Sun, Mar 25 9:52 AM ejc review of Sour Milk (The Walking Stick Mix) by Mana Junkie
I enjoy your music, but I find that the words are usually placed over the sounds...
Thu, Feb 23 12:11 PM ejc review of Close to Mike by CiggiBurns
Your voice is just lovely with a purity that allows magic to happen with a singl...
Fri, Apr 15 1:17 PM ejc review of DUBSTAFARI by Budapest BluesBoy
Glad to be a small part of this superb work, Namaste, ejc
Wed, Apr 13 10:48 AM ejc review of thee poems of equinox by Niemandsland
I am walking into this one and flowing away into the beauty of the music.
Wed, Apr 13 10:45 AM ejc review of Emergence by Niemandsland
Your sensitivity as musician and producer is so superb Jurgen. This song, like a...
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