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Mon, Mar 19 8:47 PM Darkangel review of blood is thicker than water by FORENSIC
man i loved this,,i dont know if you herd what ive done with it,,but i wanted to...
Sat, Feb 18 9:38 AM Darkangel review of Whole by Snowflake
amazing,,it touched me greatly
Mon, Jan 2 2:47 PM Darkangel review of In Peace by Snowflake
well this might sound crazy,,but i was just doing a pop song with a dance style ...
Sun, Jun 27 11:22 AM Darkangel review of SHEEP by +++ A.M. mews by MommaLuv +++
i just wanted to stop by and say i love your voice,,amazing :)
Sun, Jun 20 11:14 AM Darkangel review of Freedom featuring Snowflake by eshar
loved the up tempo feel with the vocals,,very cool mix up :),,id love to work wi...
Sun, Jun 20 11:12 AM Darkangel review of Not Like You by AT
i really enjoyed this mix,,thanks :)
Sun, Jun 20 11:05 AM Darkangel review of It's Raining by DoKashiteru
very original and loved the feel to the song, the stabs and beat got me for sur...
Sun, Jun 20 11:02 AM Darkangel review of music by grapes
cool groove and the vocals fit great,,good job,,Ps i was your secret mixter :P
Sun, Jun 20 11:00 AM Darkangel review of Tiny Air, I Saw You Dancing by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
beautiful melodies and feel :)
Sun, Jun 20 10:58 AM Darkangel review of Electric Fish by Mana Junkie
very interesting,,loved all the soft synth and bell melodies and break downs
Sun, Jun 20 10:55 AM Darkangel review of Yankee Bravo Junkie by simonlittlefield
kinda a dark industrial feel to it,then changes up in the later half with the co...
Sun, Jun 20 10:52 AM Darkangel review of beatFlows by airtone
loved the beat and mix of the hole song,,has a fantastic sound and feel wow,,but...
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