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Well i’m the type of person open to all art specialy abstrac art everything that is not common and weird i will normaly like.

I started making music in 2000 on my playstation with mtv music generator my first song was dondie power 2k

After that i search for a way to make computer music so i ask my uncle if he had a few computer program in 2000 i still had my old 486dx computer with dos 6 and windows 3.1 so my uncle gave me scream tracker 3 and adlib composer he also told me that Qbasic was also a good program to make music.

i had previously made programing with Qbasic and i knew how the play and sound command work so i imbark on my first music made in Qbasic.

After 6 month i started to master the basic of scream tracker and adlib composer and geting used to the limitation of both program.

I have use these program for the following 2 years in 2002 my computer power suply failed and this was the point where i got my first modern computer that my cousin made for making music then i started to subscribe to computer music mag my favorite was pc team a french music magazine where i discover FL-Studio ever since my music tech keeps on growing
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