Deep Roots Remix Event
Sun, Jun 13 1:49 PM The Big OT :: Someone's Birthday today!! :D
A super awesome mixters birthday is today!! Dear Colab, Happy Birthday!! :D ...
Tue, Jun 8 9:22 PM The Big OT :: D:
NOoooOOOooOOOoOOO!!! :(
Mon, Jun 7 12:36 PM The Big OT :: Secret Mixter!!
OMG It just started and I'm having so much fun already! Thank you random pairing...
Tue, Apr 13 1:12 PM The Big OT :: Loops=loser/Samples = Super Star
Other people's music is my Instrument. Call me what you want. I won't stop :)
Thu, Apr 1 12:06 PM The Big OT :: Never Gonna Give You Up ccMixter ;-)
ROFL, I totally forgot!! I was like... We're going to remix 'Never gunna give y...
Mon, Mar 15 11:27 PM The Big OT :: Rolling Back at ccM
lol Cuz they'll have marijuana in them :D
Mon, Mar 15 11:26 PM The Big OT :: Rolling Back at ccM
OH no! D: I've heard horror stories about kidney stones.. When you get o...
Sun, Feb 21 12:30 PM The Big OT :: WHO HERE IS SUPER PUMPED FOR MARCH MIXUP MADNESS!?1!!?1!!!?!one!!?
obviously, aside from me...
Fri, Feb 5 10:11 AM The Big OT :: SOMEONES BIRTHDAY TODAY!!
Everyone!! Say happy birthday to Snowflake!! :D
Mon, Nov 9 12:14 PM Announcements :: THE WHITE CUBE REMIX PROJECT
lol. Beatless.. I'm going to try to hold off. :P I've not really shot for an...
Mon, Oct 26 10:58 AM Announcements :: Secret Mixter Oct. 09 - DJ Vadim Remixes You
Omg!! Musetta joined, Its been like Ferever!! o.o I had to rush my last secre...
Tue, Oct 6 1:54 PM DIY :: Program to change BPM
That worked excellently. :) Thanks Teru!! I heard about Audacity, but I didn...
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