Deep Roots Remix Event
Wed, Sep 30 10:16 PM DIY :: Program to change BPM
Hello!! I looked for about 8 minutes on the forum, and gave up, and decided to ...
Fri, Sep 11 1:32 AM The Big OT :: Vidian needs to expand his Library
Hey everyone!! I'm looking for some really artsy - Inspirational music, If peop...
Fri, Sep 11 1:26 AM The Big OT :: Proud papa, bragging 'bout my new boy
:O That's so special!! Congratulations!!
Wed, Aug 5 8:28 PM Features :: Wouldn't it be cool..
If there was a chat menu somewhere in the frame of the site like the one faceboo...
Wed, Aug 5 7:05 AM The Big OT :: From Vidian
Haha, no thanks needed. It makes me feel better! :)
Wed, Aug 5 6:54 AM The Big OT :: From Vidian
No you can't!! But If you give more love than you have, you get more back!! ...
Wed, Aug 5 6:52 AM The Big OT :: From Vidian
Well, You're welcome!! Your so unique, I love your style!!
Wed, Aug 5 6:52 AM The Big OT :: From Vidian
Haha I agree!! Remixing someone is like showing love for their Art!!
Sun, Aug 2 10:06 AM The Big OT :: From Vidian
Hi everyone, I just wanted to say.. I love you all. ALL I love George Elli...
Sun, Aug 2 9:57 AM The Big OT :: Donate your music and sound effects to a worthy cause :)
I like this idea too! A lot of resources look really helpful, I used to be obse...
Wed, Jul 8 9:02 AM Announcements :: ccMixter going offline today at 1PM PST (Wed. July 8)
less astute people would not be able to find the details regarding the going off...
Tue, Mar 31 1:52 PM Announcements :: ccMixter going offline at Noon PST March 31
I really liked your relaxed stick man... :) but I cried until the site went b...
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