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PJ Rey (Trifidlebock):

Reviews left by PJ Rey

Mon, Nov 10 5:14 PM PJ Rey review of Freedom clarinet by Fireproof_Babies
This is a sweet sample. There's not enough clarinet in my life. Thanks for push...
Sat, Nov 8 11:51 PM PJ Rey review of Chris Bailey - guitar - Freedom Zen by CC_Asia_Band
Beautiful playing. I hope I can sample this one day. I am jealous of your talen...
Sat, Nov 8 9:02 PM PJ Rey review of Headnod Bar-B-Q by duckett
You clearly have a good sense of humor. This song had such playfulness that I h...
Thu, Nov 6 9:30 AM PJ Rey review of Trifonic - Sooner Or Later (TopNotch DNB 175bpm rmx) by TopNotch
Not bad. I like the build up. Good party music.
Thu, Nov 6 7:37 AM PJ Rey review of Pickup Repair by Admiral Bob
Deliciously Pink-Floydtastic guitar track. I really want to see this sampled. ...
Mon, Nov 3 9:08 PM PJ Rey review of December: Whistles And Bells by Subliminal
I think this song hasn't gotten enough attention. Sure it's pretty traditional,...
Mon, Nov 3 6:34 PM PJ Rey review of December (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
This is so fun and so well mixed. I am definitely going to play it on my statio...
Mon, Nov 3 6:04 PM PJ Rey review of September (Carosone's vox) by calendargirl
I really love this pella. I am going to take a shot at my own mix with it.
Tue, Oct 14 7:42 PM PJ Rey review of With Light in my Beak by Fireproof_Babies
You added so much. I love it. The clarinet is amazing!