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Mon, Oct 1 9:21 PM Revlin review of Album: Magite *A Secret Mixter 2011 Collection* by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Sweet :)
Sun, Mar 27 11:33 PM Revlin review of nightLights by airtone
Gorgeous mix. Amazing where you can take this stuff and how much of you I get to...
Tue, Mar 15 8:41 PM Revlin review of to wheeze not gentle by robwalkerpoet
So gentle. Thank you.
Mon, Feb 21 9:17 AM Revlin review of Coconut Moon Landing by morgantj
Cool soundscape. I like how the environment begins to enfold me as I get deeper ...
Mon, Jan 10 6:14 PM Revlin review of Auld Lang Syne (jazz) by Clarence Simpson
Happy NEW YEAR! Already a brilliant new cycle around the flame of life.
Mon, Jan 10 5:40 PM Revlin review of No alternative by Sturzstrom
that's hard. "no alternative, no alternative" yeah, I like
Mon, Jan 10 5:28 PM Revlin review of The Beauty Of Usage by Speck
Love the way you're playing Anomaly's voice. And thanks for turning me on to Stu...
Sat, Jan 8 5:35 PM Revlin review of Reveling Pitx by texasradiofish
cool. enjoying the cross-rhythm.
Fri, Dec 10 5:14 PM Revlin review of Memories of the Future by onlymeith
Quite beautiful. Ingenious use of simplicity to sculpt the vibe
Fri, Dec 10 5:06 PM Revlin review of Song Of Old by Speck
I dig. The space you create is luscious and deep. Just what I need right now.
Fri, Dec 3 5:21 PM Revlin review of More Time (Muziker Mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
Sweet! Got some touches of Electric Ladyland and other old school grooves. It sw...
Fri, Dec 3 3:55 PM Revlin review of P.I.H.E. by Budapest BluesBoy
phat beat- like the samples you used to create the rhythm section! Awesome rendi...
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