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Reviews left by Papa_Zulu

Fri, Nov 17 9:56 PM Papa_Zulu review of Night Has a Thousand Eyes (ft. Aussens@iter) by Ivan Chew
Great pipes man, love the arrangement!
Sat, Apr 18 12:24 AM Papa_Zulu review of Only Love by shannonsongs
OMG thanks so much for puttin this out there. I love your voice, (I remixed Sun...
Sat, Mar 14 10:45 PM Papa_Zulu review of Rain, Chimes & Fire by Snowflake
Heyll yeah wind chimes.
Fri, Apr 4 11:18 PM Papa_Zulu review of Okay? Okay. by kizzylotus
Sorry for your loss, wonderful voice.
Fri, Apr 4 9:47 PM Papa_Zulu review of Dance of the Pixels by Doxent Zsigmond
Wow excellent production - takes me back to the 80's for some reason and is very...
Sat, Jan 25 11:58 PM Papa_Zulu review of Hold by stellarartwars
Killer tracks and loops man, love em! Sounds oh so '05
Thu, Jan 23 2:02 AM Papa_Zulu review of Lessig-WeWalk by Lessig
I love Lessig's stuff. One of the few actual thinkers nowadays!
Mon, Dec 9 11:37 PM Papa_Zulu review of Love Again by CSoul
Oh yeah, you brought the mix to a place I was trying to get at - a smooth mix wi...
Mon, Oct 28 9:29 PM Papa_Zulu review of Sweet Seduction 2 by stellarartwars
Stellarartwars mixin it Old skool, love it!
Mon, Oct 28 9:27 PM Papa_Zulu review of Big Sky by debbizo
This is awesome, sounds like a late 80's Euro hit (I like the 80's btw) :)
Mon, Oct 28 9:24 PM Papa_Zulu review of made myself a cup of tea by tigabeatz
Hey Tiga the production quality is awesome love your style!
Mon, Oct 28 9:19 PM Papa_Zulu review of Wake Up Papa Zulu by spinningmerkaba
Wow this is amazing Spin! When I uploaded this sample pack I was nervous - the l...
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