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Thu, Jan 10 2:10 PM Numeron review of I'm feeling U NO2 by CSoul
This works really well, deep and groovalicious
Tue, Jan 8 10:38 AM Numeron review of Josh Woodward - Hollow Grove (Doxent's Remix) by Doxent Zsigmond
Lovely track, nice work
Tue, Jan 8 9:59 AM Numeron review of Old Man´s Fancy by Hans Atom
Sat, Jan 5 3:48 PM Numeron review of Abandonware by Javolenus
It appears I'm too late in listening to this to comment on 'Drumgate' but this i...
Thu, Jan 3 9:05 AM Numeron review of Game Five by Super_Sigil
Refreshingly unusual and very cool
Wed, Jan 2 8:16 AM Numeron review of Wake Up America by TheDICE
Great song, reminded me of the band James, specifically their song 'Sometimes'. ...
Wed, Jan 2 8:11 AM Numeron review of The Edge Will Follow by Javolenus
Very nice sequel to the last one - I hope there are more to follow!
Wed, Jan 2 2:55 AM Numeron review of Waiting for You by texasradiofish
Ultra-sophisticated and very enjoyable!
Sat, Dec 29 2:03 PM Numeron review of Auld Lang Syne by Jeris
Fab! The vocals are obviously excellent but I actually think it's the hand claps...
Sat, Dec 29 1:54 PM Numeron review of Laundered money by marcinn
Very slick, reminds me of classic 90s chill stuff like Lemon Jelly, Bent etc
Sat, Dec 29 11:06 AM Numeron review of Icarus by Robin Schmitz
Fabulous vocal, shades of John Lennon in there
Mon, Dec 24 3:34 AM Numeron review of Collateral Damage by Robert Warrington
Shock and awesome
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