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Sat, Nov 24 8:41 AM Numbernaut review of Flute of The Season (Flute) by IDzeroNo
plenty of energy. keep practicing ;-)
Thu, Nov 22 3:03 PM Numbernaut review of Singer bar the Fly by annabloom
nice atmosphere. I mean good evocation of an atmosphere that could get nasty. th...
Wed, Mar 7 2:00 PM Numbernaut review of Insect Love by gurdonark
surprising! could be the new sound
Sun, Nov 7 12:19 PM Numbernaut review of Great Kiskadee by gurdonark
hey man that's gorgeous
Sun, Nov 7 12:12 PM Numbernaut review of Cookin' & Singin' (The Guests of Nature Masked Remix) by SackJo22
that's luverly. so easy, should be a hit for sure.
Sun, Sep 5 9:33 AM Numbernaut review of O Come Thee Down (3 Versions) by boomaga
missed the first one. but like the early music version
Sun, Sep 5 9:30 AM Numbernaut review of A New System by Subliminal
nice setting. especially works with the langusge of my reality speech
Mon, Aug 30 9:12 AM Numbernaut review of Tell Me Why by gurdonark
something really clicks with the simplicity of the music & depth of the message....
Sun, Jul 4 3:18 PM Numbernaut review of Through the Edge by PorchCat
less is more
Mon, Jun 21 9:40 AM Numbernaut review of making worlds (from Rio to Mississippi) by gmz
Better than I could have hoped. I realise there wasn't a lot to go on. I like th...
Tue, Feb 9 12:37 PM Numbernaut review of joyful in the sun by urmymuse
that's some bassline. reminiscence of saint etienne kitsch
Mon, Mar 10 2:16 PM Numbernaut review of Auricom (into the void) by Tomas PhUsIoN
Simple tune with a twist. I like it.
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