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Reviews left by MiElle

Tue, Nov 17 2:22 AM MiElle review of Show Me / Unreleased Project pt2 by Bocrew
Cheers ! I love Songboy3's voice :)
Mon, Nov 16 5:35 PM MiElle review of sometimes by airtone
Magnificent ! I'm deeply moved.
Mon, Nov 16 4:41 PM MiElle review of My Apocalypse Now (Vertical Split Mix) by Kaer Trouz
Mon, Nov 16 4:40 PM MiElle review of Aimée by DoKashiteru
What a beautiful mx ! Thanks a lot :) Cheers DoKashiteru.
Mon, Nov 16 4:25 PM MiElle review of Aim_e (rebel Remix) by Smiles_Dulas
Thanks for your mx :)
Wed, Oct 14 12:56 PM MiElle review of spinnin by grapes
Trippy, that's it ! Love it :)
Wed, Oct 14 12:39 PM MiElle review of for the heat by turkdirty
Wed, Oct 14 12:37 PM MiElle review of Aimée by turkdirty
I do love your music... Have a look at "recommends" ;-) ... So thanks a lot :)
Mon, Aug 31 10:51 AM MiElle review of Some Find Water by duckett
Love it :)
Sun, Aug 30 9:52 AM MiElle review of Aimée(s)..but you are..! by ditto ditto
Exquisite ! Thanks a lot. Your work on the meanings is interesting :) I like the...
Wed, Aug 26 5:26 AM MiElle review of Ensemble (Secret Mixter) by ditto ditto
J'adooooooore ! Merci de m'avoir incluse dans ce sublime rmx, cher Secret Mixt...
Wed, Aug 26 5:02 AM MiElle review of The Orchestral Movements of 1932 by MC Jack in the Box
Love the story. Love the mix, the creativity. Cheers. Merci.
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