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Tue, Oct 26 5:55 PM MiElle review of Special Ed (Nothing More 2 Learn Mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
Merci beaucoup. I always love your work. PS: The first mix is "Watchusayin" ...
Mon, Aug 23 5:08 PM MiElle review of Freedom in my Voice (the cover) by ditto ditto
LOVELY ! -Ditto: Thank you for the invitation, for your sense of the melody, th...
Mon, Aug 23 2:56 PM MiElle review of Freedom in our Voices by ditto ditto
I like it a lot. Cheers for all. (And it was good to feel a part of freedom. Th...
Wed, Aug 18 3:28 AM MiElle review of whatchusayin by grapes
Dear Grapes, It's gorgeous as always. Love it. cheers. You're someone special...
Mon, Apr 19 3:45 AM MiElle review of PEACE by rocavaco
J'ai fait le tour du monde avec ce mix. Thanks. Cheers. PEACE :-)
Thu, Apr 15 6:39 AM MiElle review of Aimée ? by arteshe
A second mx... A second univers... How lucky I am ! Thanks... again...
Thu, Apr 15 6:35 AM MiElle review of Aimee ? (Night Coat) by arteshe
Merci beaucoup. Your mx is very interesting.
Thu, Apr 15 6:29 AM MiElle review of Aimée? by Donnie Drost
Danke sehr. It's a beautiful mix.
Tue, Jan 26 2:29 AM MiElle review of Lost&Loved by HaveMercy
As Colab's written: "I’m so happy to be part of this work. Thanks for using my...
Thu, Jan 21 4:47 AM MiElle review of It was a Special Day by Bocrew
Yes, it was...It was a special day... :)
Wed, Jan 20 7:30 AM MiElle review of Aimée ? by Niemandsland
Danke ! Your mx is so delicate ! Your words are warm ! How lucky I am ! Thanks a...
Wed, Jan 20 6:51 AM MiElle review of squidgy by turkdirty
Hypnotic and dancing... I love it :-) Thanks.
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