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Tue, Dec 28 10:09 AM MiElle review of Just As You Will by Admiral Bob
C'est admirable, Admiral Bob. Thanks
Tue, Dec 28 10:05 AM MiElle review of Just As You Will by Clarence Simpson
LOVE IT. Billy Preston, Aretha Franklin,... appear. LOVE IT. THANKS.
Mon, Dec 27 4:07 PM MiElle review of I refuse to give up by rocavaco
There's grace in your mix. Thank you Rocavaco.
Mon, Dec 27 3:50 PM MiElle review of Let's Stop The War (The People's Mix) by commmorancy
I'm listening to it and I enjoy :) Cheers.
Mon, Dec 27 3:37 PM MiElle review of Sweet Magnolia (street handout mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
You can't imagine how much I love it :) CHEERS !
Mon, Dec 27 9:18 AM MiElle review of Hungry for The Mixin' Kitchen (PROMO) by Kara Square
MIAMMMMMMMM ;-) Your work girls, both of you, is always a delight.
Fri, Oct 29 2:19 AM MiElle review of There's a way (acappella) by Fringe Kollective
Love it
Thu, Oct 28 5:11 PM MiElle review of No Land In Sight by Ivan Chew
Love it.
Thu, Oct 28 5:04 PM MiElle review of Day After The War by Ivan Chew
Impressed... so impressed... What can I say ? You're clever, brilliant... What ...
Thu, Oct 28 4:03 PM MiElle review of Day After II by Ivan Chew
I'm very impressed. Cheers. Ed Pick for me :)
Thu, Oct 28 3:07 PM MiElle review of TIME FOR PEACE by Bocrew
J'adoooooore :) It's so delicate and smooth... Love Debbizo's voice... PEACE.
Tue, Oct 26 6:08 PM MiElle review of The Infinite Life by Briareus
Thanks a lot. Cheers for the video :)
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