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Reviews left by KiSaK

Tue, Feb 2 2:07 AM KiSaK review of Viceversa voz by SilviaO
Very inspirational Silvia!
Tue, Oct 6 12:20 PM KiSaK review of Une nouvelle histoire by DoKashiteru
Nice encounter! There are lots of treasures to be found at the Island of Ccmix...
Thu, Sep 17 2:27 PM KiSaK review of Gloria (angel mix w/DoKashiteru) by Snowflake
A lovely remix. A powerful aesthetic and emotional impact.
Sat, Sep 5 11:45 AM KiSaK review of Feel it burning (feat. Snowflake) by Geert Veneklaas
Snowflake + Geert = Match! Goosebumps from the inside out. Good job both!
Sat, Sep 5 11:40 AM KiSaK review of Persephone by Snowflake
Yes, I think of Kate Bush (I'm an old fan). This has that sad, magical, soulful ...
Sat, Sep 5 11:18 AM KiSaK review of When I Walk With You by ZoeBee
Extra-ordinary song, good quality takes. It definitely inspired me. Very enjoyab...
Fri, Aug 7 11:33 AM KiSaK review of Pond by shimoda
Such still beauty! Thank you Shimoda!
Fri, Aug 7 11:22 AM KiSaK review of I Grow Old (Allen Ginsberg Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
Holy! Where can you hear this kind of music but at ccmixter. Thank U!
Fri, Aug 7 10:58 AM KiSaK review of too quiet (instr.) by oldDog
Good dog! Beautiful!
Sat, Aug 1 5:15 AM KiSaK review of Crush by Pitx
It's a thrill to start off by listening to the a capella, then listen to variou...
Sat, Aug 1 4:48 AM KiSaK review of black and white (dogmix) by oldDog
Very well done OldDog! You make this place shine a little extra. And There's man...
Wed, Jul 29 12:57 PM KiSaK review of mOaNiNG_Q by _riva_savant_stereofoam_
NOT boring! Really good flow and surprises all the way!
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