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Fri, Jul 8 7:30 PM Grizzly616 review of Voicepack1 by Vurma
Hey! You've got some serious shit going on here. I feel like i'm remixing dubfx....
Sun, Nov 7 8:54 PM Grizzly616 review of Open Air for Those Who Don't by Tom_Ena
this is a great surprise for me, since i love chiptune. I have to disagree with ...
Sun, Nov 7 8:46 PM Grizzly616 review of Unnamed riff on riff by Tom_Ena
Great stuff man! I'm missing the drums a bit, but what the hell, right? ;)
Thu, May 13 5:58 AM Grizzly616 review of Mississippi Kite by kotzintos
The song matches the vocals very good, although, i dislike the overall sound, it...
Thu, May 13 5:55 AM Grizzly616 review of Dropping out of School by kotzintos
Great stuff, i like the speed very much. Naggyon zsír! ;)
Wed, May 5 12:59 PM Grizzly616 review of Promised Land by Benjamin Orth
OK, that's an oh my good! (in a good way! ;) Great to hear this kind of music he...
Sat, Mar 27 12:37 PM Grizzly616 review of Toad Stool Fairy Ring by Fireproof_Babies
OMG whatthehell? :D great stuff man! congrats. Kinda folkmetal!!! thanks!
Mon, Mar 22 8:48 AM Grizzly616 review of Elevator by Ms.Vybe
Great song, luv the subbass kick stuff, i think my desk just moved a few inches....
Sun, Mar 21 5:12 AM Grizzly616 review of M.A.Y.B.E. by Budapest BluesBoy
Nice mysterious groove, got to luv it. "He Who Controls the Spice Controls t...
Sun, Mar 21 3:32 AM Grizzly616 review of Leaving Incheon by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
This is amazing too, but hey, tell me how you used my songs, i am reallly intere...
Sun, Mar 21 3:30 AM Grizzly616 review of Come to Gwangju with Me by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
Yay! :) I've got remixed. I really can't tell that my sounds are in this thing, ...
Fri, Feb 12 1:11 PM Grizzly616 review of Cybersutra Suite by Budapest BluesBoy
hmm.. ki az a bolte?
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