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Cybersutra Suite

uploaded: Fri, Mar 16, 2007 @ 6:41 PM
byBudapest BluesBoy
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At the 7th Stone

One Sip of Skylence:
Now I got to create my
own Reality.

Six Feet under the
Horizon the Way crosses
Prospero’s Stairways.

In the Focuse of
equilateral Triangle
the Doors are open…

Broken Soundz of Nite

Monsters & Demons
were stormin’ in the Basement
of your Universe.

Broken Soundz of Nite.
Anger.Mortal Fear. Depression.
Manuscript of Storm.

Cosmic Accidents.
Let off your bad Tunes and Waves.
It’s all over now.

Haiku Tripthichon I.

Moonbeam splashes down.
Irregular Vibrations
elf the scraped Sky.

Weaponless Wedding.
Pearls are liyn’ low. The Paths
never fade away.

Flush Years are troopin’:
Manouevre of Ants. Hide me
Hole of Emptiness…

Haiku Triptichon II.

Light Coke. Cigarettes.
Deatbeat Drum and Bass Nite. Too
wide, too deep, to dark.

Techno from Moscow.
Freeform free Drumz of Freedom.
Cybersutra suite.

Error in Mirror.
Terror Diffusion. I’d like
2 remix my Life…

Haiku Triptichon III.

The Monk went back home.
FairyTales navigate him
’cross the Universe!

Marilyn Monroe
is on the Road again. I’m
waitin’ 4 my Sun.

Holy Emptiness.
Jesus is sleepin’ in the
Shadow of Buddha…


Knowhereland. Forest.
The Blue turns moss - green. How can
I learn to fly now?

Our Rainbow Palais
recovers in Labyrinth
of Crystal Fire…

Mistake your Past for
Future like anybody
else. Shine your Palette.

Prima Materia

Gape! Bum! Be boob!
Forget everything what you
Can. You never die…

Saraswati dances
with my dragons & dolphins.
on Diamond - Rainbow…

Moon over the Sea.
Silver Symbol flickers on Waves.
Atlantis awake!
Cyberpest - 2005.08.01. 14:52

"Cybersutra Suite"
by Budapest BluesBoy

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