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uploaded: Wed, Jan 24, 2007 @ 4:52 AM
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A little collection of vocals i put together for Cdk. It is really my first attempt at doing something like this. Everything is a lil shaky and perhaps not even close to the best i can do, but its a start at me posting capellas here. Im work as a café dj and would love to see a lounge mix from these samples!

All samples have alot of silence time added so cutting and editing wont be a prob. Partofvers1 is supposed to be in the little silence gap in the middle of verse 1. Might put it there myself later this week, but for now, i leave it all to you.

If you want something remade or mixed differently, send me a mail.

I put alot of work into this. Please give me critisism and honest, straight-forward opinions.

by Vurma

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