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Fri, Jun 7 11:24 AM E_SoX review of No time like the Present by FORENSIC
Great vocals Sol - you know i love your stuff! Hope you like my version. Peace
Sun, Mar 31 9:59 AM E_SoX review of 6yr-old Super-Herbie: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by aliteralmind
I hope little Super-Herbie likes Hands-up style ;)
Fri, Mar 29 6:42 AM E_SoX review of Jefferson Walk by FORENSIC
Great vocals .. hope you like my mix. Regards from Germany
Fri, Jan 11 1:55 PM E_SoX review of Happy Birthday Rap (A Cappella) by Donnie Ozone
Hell YES! That's what i'm looking for! now kill your speakers with my mix :D
Sat, Dec 1 4:14 AM E_SoX review of Dear Huey by @nop
Great. Reminds me of Anne Clark. I'll play it in my radio show "Electrified" at...
Sat, Dec 1 4:01 AM E_SoX review of Trance Dance by Psykick
A big tune, man. I'll play it in my radio show "Electrified" at
Sat, Dec 1 3:36 AM E_SoX review of In a Box by Snowflake
Hey Snowflake, i'm back ;) You know, i love your voice so much. I've produced s...
Sat, Dec 1 3:15 AM E_SoX review of Gaudete by Javolenus
Great and unusual vocals .. i really love that vocoder sound. Hope you like my m...
Fri, Jan 6 9:58 AM E_SoX review of Tha Crash by Ms.Vybe
I did it ;) Hope you enjoy my different style.
Wed, Jan 4 10:33 AM E_SoX review of When They Tell You Not to Sing by Suzi Q. Smith
Fantastic Vocals. Hope you like my remix :) Thank you so much, Suzi!
Sat, Jul 16 1:07 PM E_SoX review of Synergistic Effect by morgantj
Good work :) My original was deleted by admin *rofl I wasn't able to list all ...
Wed, Jun 15 1:41 PM E_SoX review of Red Light by HelenaJ
Nice voice. It's different and lovely :)
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