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Reviews left by Deeplastik

Tue, Nov 17 1:40 PM Deeplastik review of One Step (Triphop mix) by CSoul
Great remix, Master!!! Only one question, to learn: Did you use a "vinyl effect...
Sun, Nov 15 4:45 PM Deeplastik review of Fever by Snowflake
umm...I want you to remix me in this way!!!! Your voice always gives another l...
Sun, Nov 16 3:54 PM Deeplastik review of The Four Stones by texasradiofish
wooww, you make my day, I never would have expected this surprise
Sun, Nov 16 3:51 PM Deeplastik review of Shadows in the Hourglass by Admiral Bob
This is why I recommend to all my musician friends, that must go into ccMixter a...
Sun, Nov 16 3:44 PM Deeplastik review of Trilogy 3. Skynet by Loveshadow
It is always a pleasure to hear your remixes. Great experimental work. Congrat
Sun, Nov 16 1:06 PM Deeplastik review of I Look At The Sky by Mana Junkie
Thank you to use that guitar sample!!! I had forgotten it!!!!
Sun, Nov 16 12:34 PM Deeplastik review of One Sound by Snowflake
Great work...You have a knack for creating masterpieces
Sun, Nov 16 11:52 AM Deeplastik review of Clarity* (a moment of) by ScOmBer
Scomber ... if I'm honest, it bothers me a lot to have made such a powerful remi...
Sun, Nov 16 11:43 AM Deeplastik review of Awaken by TheDICE
Congrat...TheDice. Cool remix. You have really surprised me. Remix our snowflake...
Wed, Sep 19 12:23 PM Deeplastik review of Full of Fire by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Thanks for your remix Hektor!! very good work
Tue, Jun 26 1:27 AM Deeplastik review of Deep Intensity Dub by DFF_Sound_System
powerfull D&B remix....
Tue, Jun 26 1:24 AM Deeplastik review of To Follow A Mystery by CSoul
ow ow ow...great surprise master
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