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Reviews left by DaMo

Thu, Jul 13 5:01 PM DaMo review of Curti$ Coate$ "Do It 2 Me" by curtis_coates
HEA! this is a agressiv song! NICE! how about the acapella!? maybe i can make ...
Wed, May 17 2:07 PM DaMo review of Espoit NOKturne, ChoqueTT & Beni-On Vient De Loin ( the dirty water treatment) by J.Lang
hey youīre back!been a while. wow. nice beat, man!sounds really good. Thats ...
Thu, Apr 20 3:49 PM DaMo review of Fort Minor - Remember the Name (Romeo Remix) Main Version by romeo_dreizehn
oh yea i like that beat!nice
Wed, Apr 19 11:36 AM DaMo review of Fade Out - remix by teru
really nice track man! very emotional! good work! sorry i cant rate. i would ...
Mon, Apr 17 6:53 AM DaMo review of remember the name2 by dakejo
nice chillin beat!iīm not the fan from those kind of drums but the piano is play...
Mon, Apr 17 6:51 AM DaMo review of ReMeMbEr ThE NaMe R&B version 2.0 by grindx
beatiful beat! really nice!
Sun, Apr 16 6:59 AM DaMo review of remember this (down mix) by cdk
dosnīt sound like hip hop to me but its a really nice chillin beat! thumbs up!
Sun, Apr 16 6:57 AM DaMo review of -R3M3MB3R TH3 NAM3- by Vocabulicious
nice mixed!
Sun, Apr 16 6:46 AM DaMo review of If I Wait(Verses) by sunbyrn
really nice! wonder why no one has sampeld this already! maybe i will will do th...
Sun, Apr 16 5:30 AM DaMo review of State of Everyday Madness - Monobass Remix by teru
chillin song.sounds beatuiful! nice work!
Sun, Apr 16 5:28 AM DaMo review of You Make Me Sick [As A Dog] by johnnok
hey nice track! i like the guitar and how you played it. itīs cool!
Fri, Apr 14 6:22 AM DaMo review of Sanidade (Isaar a capella) by djdolores
are you serious about this?i donīt know. sounds ugly to me. but with a nice melo...
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