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Mon, Oct 26 2:48 PM Convertor review of Le Graoully passe à la toussaint by Bluemillenium
Magnificent !!!!! I can no longer see the bar after this.
Thu, Sep 3 6:10 AM Convertor review of Spirit of 92 by Apoxode
Tonic more than tronic brrrrrilllllliant!!!!
Wed, Aug 5 3:16 AM Convertor review of Hydrogen Sky by Speck
A couple of things about this I really like. 1. The structure of the track. I a...
Tue, Aug 4 9:13 AM Convertor review of AI are picking at our strings by MikeTheBee
Enjoyed the track, interesting vocal.
Sun, Aug 2 12:13 PM Convertor review of kings by martinsea
Enjoyed this track wealth is abhorrent when it comes at the expense of others.
Fri, Jul 31 3:50 PM Convertor review of English Country Trance Blues by septahelix
Love what you have done, reminded me of Enya.
Thu, Jul 30 8:18 AM Convertor review of Open Your Eyes by mykleanthony
A very apt theme on so many levels. A powerful message performed beautifully.
Wed, Jul 29 7:06 AM Convertor review of wave in,wave out by martinsea
Found this innovative it has made me think of new ways to apply material I creat...
Wed, Jul 29 6:06 AM Convertor review of Growing Older by Rewob
Wonderful piece really resonates with me. Love the theme, the lyrics in fact the...
Wed, Jul 22 3:11 PM Convertor review of Little Septahelix Ditty 4 by septahelix
Excellent love the whole sound of the track.
Sat, Jul 18 10:40 AM Convertor review of A Smattering Of Patterning by Speck
When I started listening I thought the track reminded me of some late Tina Turne...
Thu, Jul 16 2:31 PM Convertor review of E=MCI by Apoxode
Just heard this, absolutely love it!!!
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