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Sat, Oct 15 5:20 PM BeatMachine review of dolla $ign V. by Kristian
wow legit! i was fooled by yr pic lolz wanna collab?
Tue, Oct 11 2:24 PM BeatMachine review of Gotta Go- No more Lying Remix by J.Lang
love it !
Tue, Oct 11 2:07 PM BeatMachine review of Life Is But A Dream (Breathe In Deep mix) by Speck
you never know what your going to get w speck,..hes got a funky chello arrangeme...
Mon, Oct 10 1:57 PM BeatMachine review of BACK IN THE DAY by Bocrew
Mon, Oct 10 1:56 PM BeatMachine review of CLASSIC 2022 by Bocrew
wow aare you the worlds best remixer? full respect 2 songs in one props!
Mon, Oct 10 1:53 PM BeatMachine review of Dream (Take a breath) by musikpirat
this track is so good im a sucker tweeting birds in a song please mix the vocals...
Mon, Aug 22 11:33 PM BeatMachine review of jamming ft. Admiral Bob by Apoxode
wow im listening to your latest stuff way more 'pro' wheres the incredible g...
Fri, Jul 29 11:49 AM BeatMachine review of Titanium by Frank Yola
Hey Frank Its BeatMachine, i got a couple of wack/dope remixes u can release ...
Mon, Jun 13 7:24 PM BeatMachine review of Hobbit Groove by Joshua Hults
dope funky and dank im a sucker for a great bassline thnx 4 making 1!
Mon, May 23 5:14 PM BeatMachine review of Sloppy Groove Dub by Apoxode
SO FUNKYOMG NEW FAV SONG I just love this,...soundtrack to next shaft movie this...
Fri, Jul 16 8:17 AM BeatMachine review of mystery by Apoxode
congrats again! your really getting good with we chillout stuff u used to do...
Sun, May 30 11:50 AM BeatMachine review of 𝓜𝓐𝓡𝓘𝓝𝓔𝓡 by Apoxode
your beats are getting so chill! are u on the valiums?? ;p
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