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Reviews left by BeatMachine

Sun, May 30 5:26 AM BeatMachine review of First Time Caller by Apoxode
SeCReT AgenT MaN
Thu, Apr 29 7:20 AM BeatMachine review of Rounding Corners by Apoxode
changing it up ! well not what you are expecting in a beatmachiine apoxode remix...
Wed, Apr 21 2:11 PM BeatMachine review of Transmutate Atmospheric Mix by zikweb
you put birds in your song thats like +1000 'art points' im a critic trust m...
Tue, Sep 29 7:04 AM BeatMachine review of ON THE TRACK by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
omg! so hot wheres the how i did this this is off the charts amazing pro...
Fri, Sep 11 6:41 AM BeatMachine review of A Foolish Rain (Extended Mix) by Whitewolf
probsl the fav vocal treatment of snowflake I heard. what did you do? anyway ...
Tue, Sep 1 7:44 AM BeatMachine review of Wonderful (Believe In Me) by Fex
sweet intro,.great vocal tone,.interesting guitar sound then builds into a big ...
Mon, Aug 24 7:17 AM BeatMachine review of Homesick by kizzylotus
well it took me q while to find this beautiful pella will enjoy producing a t...
Sun, Aug 23 6:45 PM BeatMachine review of A CRYING SHAME by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
thatss so tight love the old school mix
Sun, May 10 5:30 PM BeatMachine review of SuperHero by Anacrusis Ansa
yea! I get first like :)
Sat, Mar 9 10:29 AM BeatMachine review of Scratch Flute by septahelix
Cool! thanks for the remix
Sat, Nov 3 11:52 AM BeatMachine review of The Blender Volume Two by Apoxode
play the how many songs can you name game
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